A Public Charity And Community Development Corp

The inception of E.F.S. International Charitable Foundation began 36 years ago while working with Charles Thomas, the owner of Descartes Financial. He owned, developed, and managed over four thousand apartment units throughout Los Angeles, CA including Nickerson Gardens (Compton) and The Jungle (La Brea and Rodeo).

It is there that the importance of aiding those who were not as fortunate was learned; and living on a preset budget as determined by governmental constraints or corporate guidelines, for those individuals that worked to earn a standard wage to provide for their families became integrated into life’s reality.

Sponsorship and Donor Program

$155,000,000.00 Tax Deductible

Equity Fundraising Amount

$150,000,000.00 in Stock and Units

Shares Available


Average Cost Per Share


Minimum Investment Amount


Minimum Number of Units to Purchase




2029 Century Park East
Suite #400
Los Angeles, CA 90067