Our experiences in working with inner city projects have led us to learn one of the most important rules “it is all about community and networks of programs designed to care for our community so it thrives for generations to come.”

It is from this rule that E.F.S. Int’l Charitable Foundation designs its programs and offers active participation from sponsors and donors whose dedication to supporting us in implementing these goals to keep our communities vibrant, educated, and evolving.

Through this collective effort, we aid humanity as they walk through the healing process of life’s everyday struggles.


We operate multi-tiered programs that bring in financial support from the public, private, and institutional sponsors. The funds we generate together, assist in the plans outlined in sections one – eight of this funds description outline.

Sponsorship / Donor Participation Levels:

  1. Basic Sponsorship / Donor:
    Individuals and Small Business’s: $1.00 – 250.00
  2. Standard Sponsorship / Donor (s) Program:
    Individuals and Small Business’s: $251.00 – 5,000.00
  3. Corporate Sponsorship / Donor (s) Program:
    Medium – Small Corporation’s: $5,001.00 – $75,00.00
  4. Mentorship Sponsorship/ Donor (s) Program:
    Major Corporate: $75,001.00 – $150,000.00
  5. Premium Sponsorship / Donor (s) Program:
    Family Office and Foundation (s): $150,001.00 – $1,000,000.00
  6. Private Sponsorship / Donor (s) Program:
    Public, Private & Institutional $1,000,001.00 or more

Special Note: For each sponsorship program you participate in; we send you a special “thank you” that is specific to that program.

The following are examples:

  1. For a donor who supports us in the Football Athletic Program with a $25,000.00 contribution, we could send you a gift bag filled with original NFL, memorabilia like an Autographed Jersey, football, and towel from a professional player, along with tickets to a game in your home city. Upon confirmation of the player’s schedule, you could enjoy breakfast lunch or dinner with that player.
  2. For our premium and private sponsors/donors who participant over $250,000.00 they could receive one of the following: Their name on either a Building Foundation, Building, Street, Wing, Walkway, Parking Level, Common Area/Park, Exterior Light Post, seating area or if its multiple participants a dedication plaque with their name attached to one of the aforementioned.

Donor Program